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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach to facilities management goes well beyond traditional service models because we're equally focused on creating value for our clients.

Complete Solution

MFM offer customized services based on our business consulting, project management expertise, and professional practical experience to provide our clients with an instant tactical recommendations as well as future facility strategies.

Our team department:

Consultant: MFM consultant team provides professional or expert advice in several domain and area, ready to provide services such as design supervision, technology, creation of drawings and specifications, and make recommendations and solutions.

Engineer: MFM engineer team design, execute and repair materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. Furthermore Engineering team will manage project and guide technicians.

Operation: MFM Operation Center guarantees 24 hours availability for all our customers upon request. On addition MFMOC (MFM Operation Center) connect the MFM department.

Maintenance & Services: MFM technician team on addition to their experience, skills and practicality, they are trained to support our customers. MFM Services team is available to reply all customer services request as support, cleaning and catering.

Security: MFM is a sister company of Metropolitan Security S.A.L that have 13 years of experience on the private security sector. www.metropolitansecurity.com.lb.




Project Quality and Safety

MFM put safety first in everything that we do and constantly endeavor to create and sustain a zero harm working environment, in all our work places, for our staff and all stakeholders, including our clients’ employees, sub-contractors and members of the public. MFM is also committed to maintaining quality services and supporting quality processes and systems within all its operations.

Responsibilities are required with respect to project quality and project safety. We will ensure that:

  • All work will be performed in compliance with contract documents
  • All work will be performed in a timely manner, according to the project schedule
  • All equipment and material will be inspected to be sure of its compliance with the project scope
  • All equipment and tools will be working in a safe operating condition
  • All safety policies will be enforced
  • All occupational injuries will be documented, investigated and reported
  • Communication/customer service

Communication is essential for effective functioning in every part of an organization and in each project. A list of primary project participants with mailing address, cell phone numbers, voice mail numbers and fax numbers will be prepared. Standard reports or documents will be listed with a standard distribution list. Standard meeting schedules will be listed with a standard distribution list. Standard meeting schedules will be included with a list of attendees that will participate.

MFM ensures that every customer will be contacted within 24 hours after work completion to confirm satisfaction. Our goal is to provide rapid on-site response to all project site services requested. Our capabilities include:

  • Local service and repair capabilities are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year to better respond to Customer requirements.
  • 24 hours a day/365 days per year monitoring service is available MFM operation room.
  • We are staffed to meet all project and service requirements.

For Emergency Calls: (Hotline) 00961-(70)-914000


Safety and Health training is very essential to a comfy and valuable work environment. Hence, MFM has created a safety training program for all its employees.

We train our employees and give them an understanding idea of

  • The broader context of the key areas of health and safety regulation which apply to your organization
  • Existing health and safety practice and guide them in how to shape and implement an effective health and safety policy
  • What they should do and the procedures to support it
  • Potential areas of risk in the workplace – and how to take action to minimize the threat to staff safety
  • How sound health and safety processes can contribute to business performance

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